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Costa Rica: Real Estate Funds Grow by 7%

COSTA RICA REAL ESTATE — In the last twelve months, the total amount of assets managed by property funds increased by US$68 million, to US$966 million.

8091551045_100f194a7a_zMore purchases of new property by managers and revaluations of existing ones partly explain the increase in assets managed by real estate funds in the country, which as of June 13, had a total portfolio of $966 million.

Alvaro Camacho de la O, CEO of BCR Sociedad Administradora de Fondos de Inversión, told that their portfolios “… increased by $25 million because of acquisitions and capital gains.”

“…Vista Sociedad de Fondos de Inversión also devoted itself to purchases. In the last year, it acquired buildings in the amount of $21.7 million. ”

“…The number of investors in these portfolios also rebounded. Compared with June 2013, the increase was 2.8% making a total of 7,207 participants. ”